The fishing paradise of South Tyrol
The fishing paradise of South Tyrol

(Fly) fishing in the rushing Passirio/Passer river

Tight lines!

Experienced fishers have long known that the Passirio/Passer river, with its mysterious pools, fast currents, and leisurely waters with a gravel bottom, is the best place for fishing and fly fishing. Trout galore can be found here. It is no coincidence that the Quellenhof became famous for Grandma Resi’s freshly caught and deliciously seasoned blue trout.

Information for your fishing adventure

Please note that fishing in South Tyrol is only permitted with a valid fishing licence and fishing day pass from one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset. The fishing season on the Passirio/Passer river runs from mid-February to the end of October. At our reception desk, you can easily secure the necessary fishing licence; we will gladly handle all the formalities to ensure your fishing experience gets off to a smooth start. The stretch of the Passirio/Passer in front of the Quellenhof Luxury Resort Passeier is zone C / NO KILL, so you need your own day pass to be allowed to fish here. You can get one from our reception desk.

A day pass (catch and release or catch and keep) costs €60.00 (+10€ deposit), a licence (valid for ten years) costs €40.00, and a children’s fishing licence includes a 50% discount on the day rate.

The fishing paradise of South Tyrol

Fishing lessons at the Quellenhof

If you would like to try your hand at fishing or improve your fishing skills, our guide Robert Kofler will be happy to teach you. Please reserve your desired course in good time by emailing

The following courses can be booked:
Two-day beginners’ course: available upon inquiry
Two-day perfection course: available upon inquiry
Private guide: €250.00 per day
Private guide for two or more days: €195.00 per day
Private guide for two or more people: €175.00 per person per day

The fishing paradise of South Tyrol

The fishing zones around the Quellenhof

With the Schildhöfler fishing permit, which can be purchased directly at the Quellenhof Passeier and other sales points, you can fish in the Passirio/Passer river from Saltaus to Pfelders. The area is divided into the following zones:

Zone A: In this area, all baits permitted by national law are allowed, including artificial and natural flies, earthworms, larvae, honey worms, pellets, and grasshoppers. Additionally, flashers with one hook and with the same opening and barbs are permitted.

Zone A1: This is the Pfelders fly fishing stretch – fishing is only allowed with a fly rod and without barbs.

Zone B: Reserved for fly fishing, this stretch allows fishing without barbs.

Zone C: In the NO-KILL stretch, fishing is only allowed with a fly rod, no barbs, and no fish removal (except rainbow trout).

Zone D: This area is designated as private club water.

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