Seaside vibes: a hotel with a saltwater pool in South Tyrol
Seaside vibes: a hotel with a saltwater pool in South Tyrol

A refreshing sea breeze in the middle of the mountains

Sun, salt, tranquillity at the Quellenhof

Imagine a gentle sea breeze caressing your face and tousling your hair. The fine salt acts as a soothing exfoliant on your sun-kissed skin. Cosy warmth envelops your body and puts a smile on your face. Droplets of water stick to your skin... To experience this holiday dream, you don’t have to go to the seaside; simply settle down in the saltwater pool at the Quellenhof Luxury Resort Passeier. It has been proven that aerosol salt particles, due to their fine structure, can optimally penetrate your cells and respiratory tract to impart their positive effects. The respiratory tract is cleared, the skin purified, and the immune system strengthened. Gather new strength in the saltwater pool.

The saltwater highlights at the Quellenhof

Several salt-themed areas await you at the Quellenhof Passeier. In Guesthouse P, you will find a salt grotto in the Family Spa. Guesthouse V has a 34°C saltwater pool (7% salt) and the unique Salounge, a dry salt inhalation room where you can breathe pure sea air. For optimal benefits, inhale the healthy salt air deeply for about half an hour each day. After just three days, you will feel the positive effects of a seaside stay – without ever leaving the Alps.

Seaside vibes: a hotel with a saltwater pool in South Tyrol

A treat for your airways in the Salounge

What makes the Salounge so special, you ask? The main difference between regular salt caves and these dry inhalation rooms is the air quality. Normal salt caves built with salt stone walls never offer the same salt content in the air as a dry inhalation room. Achieving the same purifying effect in a traditional salt cave would require the walls to emit about 17 times more salt.

Quellenhof Luxury Resort Passeier
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